Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

With all of the snow, school was cancelled today, so I got to stay home and take pictures all day long. The first picture is actually one of the last ones I took. She always smiles when Tony comes home from work. The others are of her on the floor. She rolls over right away now if I put her down on her stomach. The dog always thinks I am talking to her when I'm talking about rolling over...she has to be right there with the baby all of the time. She is really good with her though!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rolling Over!

Well, Tony claims that she rolled over from her stomach to her back today. I was doing laundry and cleaning around the house, and he was playing on the living room floor with her. He called to me, "She did it, she rolled over." Of course, I was disappointed because I missed it, but I came in to watch her do it again. While I was in the room, all she would do was fuss because she was on her belly. As soon as I went back to the laundry, Tony yelled, "She did it again." I guess she did it about 4 times for him, but she would never do it while I was in the room. I guess it is time to start making her spend a little more time on her tummy (even though she doesn't like it), so that she can reach these milestones. I am going to have to start practicing with her while Tony isn't home, so I can be the first to see her crawl!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found her feet!

Although she doesn't enjoy tummy time so much, she loves to lay on her back and play with her feet. I'm not sure that she is ever going to roll over. She just doesn't care to be on her belly at all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Here are just a few fun pictures I took with her in the halos that my mom got her. She is such a good sport when I dress her up.

Everybody loves to hold the baby

I love how she is looking at Kaleb. The others are Uncle Matt, Aunt Amy, Mammaw Kelsey and Mammaw Alma.

Snow Day!

It is cold, so we're just staying inside and taking lots of new pictures. It is hard to keep up now that I am back to work.

Friday, January 2, 2009

16 Weeks and time to go back to work

Lilya is 16 weeks old today. Mammaw Kelsey better get a bounce, bounce baby for her house because Lilya loves it. Only 2 more days, and I'll be going back to work, and she will be staying at Mammaw Kelsey's house. It is comforting to know that she will be with Tony's mom, but I still don't want to leave her. Monday is going to be very hard.
As you can see from the other pictures, there are lots of toys on the bouncy seat, but the duck and turtle are her favorite. I think she would like to be able to get them in her mouth.