Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rolling Over!

Well, Tony claims that she rolled over from her stomach to her back today. I was doing laundry and cleaning around the house, and he was playing on the living room floor with her. He called to me, "She did it, she rolled over." Of course, I was disappointed because I missed it, but I came in to watch her do it again. While I was in the room, all she would do was fuss because she was on her belly. As soon as I went back to the laundry, Tony yelled, "She did it again." I guess she did it about 4 times for him, but she would never do it while I was in the room. I guess it is time to start making her spend a little more time on her tummy (even though she doesn't like it), so that she can reach these milestones. I am going to have to start practicing with her while Tony isn't home, so I can be the first to see her crawl!

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Hake said...

YAY Lilya! How exciting!