Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I knew the time would come.  See, the plan had been to have ONE more child.  If I got pregnant in October, that would be perfect.  I would be due at the beginning of July, and could start back to teaching at the beginning of the year.  Instead, it was November that we were told we were having FOUR.  We were faced with the first of many decisions.  We could go to Chicago and reduce the pregnancy to one or two, or we could take the chances with a very risky pregnancy of quadruplets (it was a very easy decision in my eyes).  I would work through December, and had all intentions of working until Spring Break (March).  My body had another plan.  Another decision I had to make...continue to work, or go on modified bed rest at home.  I chose to listen to my body, and did not work the rest of the school year.  Once the babies were born in May, I made the very quick decision that I would not go back to work this year.  I am so glad that I get to be home with my little ones, watching them grow and change every day.  Now, I am faced with the next big decision of this journey.  Go back to work or stay home.  I have gone back and forth in my thinking over the last 8 months, but I have made up my mind.  In every decision I've made so far, I have thought of my family and what would be best for us.  I have done the same now, and have decided that I will go back to work in August of next year.  I will soon begin my search for child care, as I want someone that will come into our home.  I ask for prayers on this journey.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Linda Chapman said...

I have discovered that it is best to go with your 'gut feeling.' That is usually the Holy Spirit leading you in the path that is right for YOU!

If you are led to go back you will be led to the caretaker of your children.....or THEY will be led to YOU!

God has a way of working things out!

Prayers for you and yours!