Tuesday, January 31, 2012

60+ Degrees on the Last Day of January...We'll Take It!

Not very often does it get above 60 degrees on the last day of January here in Indiana.  Even less often does the Super Bowl and all of it's festivities come to Indianapolis (In fact, this is the first year).  So, of course on this beautiful day, we chose to go check out the atmosphere of all of the Super Bowl hype in downtown Indy.
We were so happy to meet up with one of our favorite NICU nurses, and walk around for the afternoon.  I'm sure that you could guess with so many people in the area, we heard many, MANY comments on the quads.  The usual, "Oh, you have your hands full!",  "Wow, she has FOUR babies.", "You are so blessed.", and the not so usual, "Wow, I've never seen a four banger!", "And, I'm never having kids (random guy).", "You want one more (offering their own kid)."
Most of the time, I tried to smile and keep walking...no eye contact is the key.  Check out the memories we made.

The Quads with the Colts Super Fan!  We still love the Colts!

Welcome to the circle!

Posing on the circle.

The stadium.

Jaylyn stayed awake the entire time, and took it all in.

Harrison liked taking in all of the people.

Lilya was so good the whole time we were downtown.

Benjamin was our only fussy one...think he might have been a little hungry. (looks like I starve him, huh?)

Such a happy boy.  Laughing at me during a feeding stop.

I am so glad that we were able to get out and enjoy the day.  I wish the little ones were old enough to really take it all in and enjoy the events, but at least they will have a few pictures to remember it.

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