Friday, February 10, 2012

Another School Visit

Poor Harrison is just not so sure about the whole
school thing.
 Today, we visited a school that we had never been to (well, that they quads had never been to).  We visited Mrs. Albitz's Avanced Child Development class.  Lilya was just 6 weeks old when she visited the class in 2008.  It is such a great way to introduce teenagers to what life is like when you have a little one.  Today, they saw the extreme...a set of quads, a set of triplets, and a singleton.  It made the small classroom a little chaotic as the girls in the class rushed immediately to help get the babies out of their jackets and settled into the room.  There were boys in the class too, some were quicker than others to get to know the kiddos.  It was interesting to sit back and watch the students interact with the babies. 
Part of the visit was an question/answer session.  I gave names, birth weights and length of NICU stays.  I loved talking with the students about the unconditional love that comes when you're a parent, and hearing the other moms talk about the smiles they get from their little ones when they walk in the room.  I also think it was very important for them to hear the struggles that come with being a parent.  You can't just get in the car and run to the store (even if you just have one).  You have to load up a little one and make sure that you have everything you might need for a trip out (bottle, diapers, wipes,etc.)  There are many expenses...formula, diapers, clothes, baby food.  There is not much time to sleep during the first few months when the baby wants to eat every 3 hours.
I am so glad that high schools offer this learning oportunity to young teens.  I see so many stories in the news of children that have been injured, and most of the time it is by a very young parent (or partner of a parent).  I hope that educating teens on the reality of parenthood will help them make better decisions in their lives.  We're so glad that Mrs. Albitz used us to help educate today!

Of course Oscar would be held and surrounded by beautiful girls.  ;)

Benjamin looks like he's checking out the assignment book and text book there.  I think he looks a little worried.  :)
Lilya was hanging out in the stroller enjoying some Dora snacks while the babies were being held.

I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of Jaylyn with any of her new friends.  I'm sure that Mrs. Albitz will share some of hers with me, and I'll share them later.

P.S.  I couldn't have made it this morning without Nancy Doyle.  She was kind enough to come down at 7 a.m. to help me feed everyone early, get them dressed and loaded up to go.  I'm so proud that we made it to school right on time.  Thanks, Nancy!

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Linda Chapman said...

What a great opportunity!

Loved hearing how the quads are doing! Amber is at 14 weeks now so we have a lot ahead of us!

Great pics!