Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Baby Food Stage

Playing after dinner.
In the last month or so, we started feeding baby food.  When I look back at pictures of Lilya at this age, her face was stained orange.  The only thing the child would eat was carrots or sweet potatoes...a lot healthier than what she eats now anyway.  Having to find things that a 3 year old will eat, makes me grateful the 3 times a day that I put the quads in the table and them baby food.  Here are some of the favorites right now.

Breakfast:  oatmeal cereal w/fruit (usually applesauce, mangos or a mix (apples, mangos, kiwi)

Lunch/Supper:  rice cereal mixed with a vegetable (peas are their favorite, but we've been working with carrots and sweet potatoes) and a jar of fruit.

They are working on drinking some water out of a sippy cup, and still take bottles 4 times a day (8,12,4 & 8).

Lilya has some favorites too...cookies, cake, ice-cream, pancakes (she would eat for every meal), tacos, chicken nuggets (from McDonalds only), mini corndogs and just about any kind of candy.  I can't really get her to eat much as far as vegetables, but she does love fruit.

Even though she is able to feed herself, I would say that the quads are at an easier feeding stage.  They have been so good, and will eat just about anything I try.  I'm dreading the day I have to find something that all 5 kids will like to eat.


Linda Chapman said...

Love the pic of your little ones! What a cool table! Did you have it made special?

lizstewart said...

Thanks, Linda. The table is a must have. You can get them on web sites that sell things for pre-schools or daycares . They are pretty pricey, so you might try craigslist or eBay. My brother found this one on craigslist for $60! Lucky find!