Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fun on the Farm

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced as the mother of 5, is how to give my kiddos the experiences that they need and deserve.  This is a challeng for a couple of different reasons.  The first, and probably the least of the two, is the energy it takes to get 5 ready, pack supplies, load into the car, load stroller or wagon, unload, have fun, load back up, unload again when we get home.  Just getting them in and out of the van is quite a chore.  But, the biggest reason for this challenge is the cost.  If you have gone to the movies, the zoo, any sporting event, etc. lately, you know what I'm talking about.  We are not quite at a movie viewing age yet, but I'm already dreading it.  With 5 kids and 2 adults, a trip to the movies will surely cost us over $100.  I'm sure that we will be seeing a lot of the free matines that are offered. ;)
With all of that in mind, I'm thankful for days like today when we can get out of the house and have fun for under $20.  We spent a little while this morning at High Hopes Farm.  It was a beautiful day, and although I had to pull our 100 lb wagon up the drive, it was wide open enough that they could get out and run and play.  They were able to feed some animals (they didn't like that the goats were trying to eat their clothes.), take a wagon ride, play, check out what the garden looked like, and just enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful day.  I'm so thankful to know the Wood family, and am glad that they opened up their farm for this event today.
The wagon migh look like a cool way to travel, and if I got to ride in one of the cars, I might think so too.  Problem is, it's
HEAVY!  Pulling it in the grass is not fun either.  Glad they could get out and run!

Harrison loved the horse, but still a little unsure about petting.

The boys are off to visit with the horse.

Our little horse whisperer.

Xavier and Lilya checking out the donkey.

They loved watching the farm animals.  The baby goats, Grant and Abraham Lincoln, were a hit!

Love that Anne could bring her niece and nephew too!  This is the best that I could get with all 7 kiddos checking out the goats.

Oscar loved watching the horse eat!

I think we're going to have to buy one of these for our swingset.

Xavier and Lilya playing on the teeter totter

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Sonja Wood said...

It was a joy seeing all of the kids having fun! I am so lucky to be able to have a farm that people can share in with me. This was our first event at High Hopes, but after seeing so many happy faces, receiving so many hugs, and enjoying a wholesome day, it won't be our last! Thank you, Liz, for being supportive of my new path in life. Without kind friends, new and old, none of this would be possible! Love to you and all of your little farmhands, Sonja