Monday, November 24, 2008

Going to see a specialist

Well, at Lilya's 2 month check up, her doctor switched her formula again. I think I might have mentioned it before. We are trying Enfamil A.R. which has rice in it. We were hoping that this would help her keep it down a little better, and it did at first. She has always had trouble with spitting up, but it isn't that she does it so much that she isn't gaining weight...she weighed 12lbs 7 oz. today (so she gained a pound in 2 weeks). The doctor is more worried about the fact that she gets so choked up when she spits up. I still cannot lay her on her back to sleep at night, and this makes for long nights. Over the weekend, she seemed to be spitting up worse, and choking some even when she was sitting up, so I called the doctor this morning. The poor thing is a little congested, so this doesn't help with the reflux, but the doctor has also decided that it is time for her to see a specialist. We are going to see Dr. Bax at St. Vincent Children's Hospital on Dec. 23 at 9:30. I hope and pray that this is just something small that can be taken care of easily!

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