Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost to the Feeding and Growing Stage

Oscar after he got the iv out of his belly button

Oscar wearing clothes

Jaylyn practicing with a big girl binky



The babies are doing great! They have all been gaining weight, and it looks like they will be starting bottles within the next few days. Oscar has had a few episodes called SVT's where his heartrate jumps up to 300. This was very scary, and the last time, they put in an iv to give him some medicine he now gets on a regular basis. We are hoping and praying that this is something that he will just grow out of. He had an EKG, and everything came back normal, so they really can't give us a reason as to why it is happening. Harrison is the only other one that has had any problems. Of course we couldn't get away with no reflux problems. He has had some episodes where he spits up and gets a little choked on it. Sometimes he is able to resolve it on his own, and other times, the nurses will have to help him. We are very familiar with this since Lilya did the same thing when she was little. The doctors said it is very common, and he should outgrow it...hopefully sooner than later. Benjamin and Jaylyn are just feeding and growing. Jaylyn is always so alert when I'm holding her. She keeps her eyes fixed on me only to go cross eyed every now an then from staring too long. Benjamin, on the other hand, sleeps while I'm holding him. He seems so content and cozy.

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