Friday, May 20, 2011

The Quads are here!

You might notice that up until this point, the blog has been about Baby Lilya. Well, Baby Lilya is no longer the baby, she is now the big sister! We welcomed her brothers, Oscar James, Benjamin Ryne and Harrison Kerry along with their sister, Jaylyn Rae on Saturday, May 14th at 9:41, 9:42, 9:42 and 9:43. I have spent my entire pregnancy blogging on a caring bridge site, and now decided that I should continue the journey here.
I am now home from the hospital for the first time in over 3 weeks (2 1/2 on bedrest). While it feels so good to be home, it was very hard to leave the hospital without the babies. Here are some things that I had to continually remind myself:

  • I have a 2 1/2 year old at home that needs me as well

  • All four babies are doing great, and are right on target of where they need to be

  • They are getting the best care around from the nurses and staff at St. Vincent

  • I can call or visit the hospital 22 out of 24 hours in a day

  • They will be home before we know it, so I should rest while I have the chance

I am so lucky to have the reassurance and support from so many friends and family members too!

I am going to keep things pretty current right now for the sake of time, and I'll go back later to explain more of our story.

For now, like I said, all babies are doing great. Harrison is the only one on oxygen right now, and it is just the canuel (sp). He is still breathing room air with just a little support. They all have been taken out from under the lights which means for the moment their jaundice levels are down. Yesterday, they increased each baby's food intake, and while I never thought I'd be this happy over the news, everyone had a poopy diaper!

I can't wait to check in and see the progress that we are making today!

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Suzy said...

Hi Elizabeth ... found your blog through Jen Murray. :) Congrats on your babies!!! Mine are almost 2.5 now and I delivered them at St. V's, too ... I bet we had some of the same nurses (Liz was my fave). Welcome to the quad mom club! :)

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