Friday, September 16, 2011

Off to Pre-School

Wow, we have been so busy.  Last week was Lilya's first week of pre-school.  She is going to Blue Ridge as a peer in their developmental classroom.  She loves it!  It probably helps that her teacher is Miss Sarah, who just happens to be one of my good friends that has been around all summer.  I was prepared for her to cry on that first day.  Instead it went more like this:

As we pulled into the school parking lot.
Lilya:  Oh, there's my school!  I'm going to love it here!
Me:  Yes, you are.
As soon as the teachers came out to greet them.
Lilya:  Bye Mommy, I'm going to school all by myself today! (with a big smile on her face)
Me:  Bye Sweetie, have a great morning. (with a tear in my eye)
No tears shed by the little girl who wouldn't even be three until the next week, but a couple by her mommy that couldn't believe she was already going to pre-school.

She LOVED it! She has cried 3 out of the 4 days when I picked her up, because she didn't want to leave.  Sarah says she's doing great.  She enjoys singing, reading books, coloring, playing with the other children, and singing...yes, I know, I said that first.  She talks mostly about how they do music.  She loves to sing, and this is obviously her favorite part of the day.

Here's to hoping that she continues to enjoy school this much for the next 15 years or more!

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