Thursday, October 6, 2011

Busy Beginning to October

Harrison enjoying the swing
We couldn't ask for more beautiful weather to begin the month of October.  We have been keeping so busy.  Lilya is still loving pre-school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and I have enjoyed getting to go to Suncrest to work with some of their kiddos.  We have been able to play outside some, and yesterday we walked the babies up to the bank, post office, phone company (to visit Daddy), Pizza King (for a drink), and finally to the park.  Lilya was such a trooper...she has to walk so that I can push the babies in the stroller.  After playing for a short amount of time at the park, she decided she was tired, and wanted to go home.  She started to whine about how her legs were hurting, so I just put her on my shoulders and carried her (yes, I still had to push the stroller) home.  She kept telling me, "We're almost there, Mommy.  You can do it."  She must have been able to hear me panting.  I was exhausted by the time we got home, so it was nice that it was "church dinner" night.  The Trinity Church members have been taking turns making us dinner on Wednesdays to give the Methodist Women a break.  It is amazing how our community has surrounded us with so much love and support.
Benjamin back in the ER
I wish that I could say that we've just been out and enjoying the nice fall weather, but we have sickies again.  Everyone, including myself, have had a cold...Benjamin ended up the worst again.  Monday, we saw the doctor who sent us across the street to the ER.  We ended up spending 3 hrs there getting steroid shots and breathing treatments before they let us go home.  Wednesday, it was back to the doctor for a recheck.  His chest sounded much better, but he still sounds pretty wheezy, so she decided it would be best to send him to Indy for a swallow study.  This is to rule out that he might be aspirating while he eats.  We will be headed down next Tuesday for the test.  Today, First Steps is coming out to evaluate the babies.  They are a service that offer therapy for developmentally delayed children.  I don't imagine that they will qualify because they are all progressing so well, but we wanted to make sure that they get anything they need.  Tomorrow, Lilya goes for her 3 year check up.  She's going to have to get a flu shot, so it should be a really fun trip (can you sense the sarcasm there?).
Saturday is going to make up for it all.  I won 4 tickets to see Max and Ruby at the Murat Theater, so Lilya and I and Amy and Ellie are going to have a girls trip to Indy.  The girls are so are the moms!  I can't wait to write about our trip, and how much fun the girls had.  I hope we all stay well enough, so I have the time.

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