Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Fan is a Fan is a Fan

Ok, I admit it, we're Cubs fans.  In fact, we're fans to the extent that we named one of the quads Harrison Kerry (get it...Harry Kerry)!  We also gave Benjamin the middle name Ryne after another Cubs great, Ryne Sandberg.  Yes, we are aware that they had a losing season this past year, but we are fans no matter what.  Anyway, if you've ever seen Back to the Future II, you know that 2013 is their year, so we're going to at least stick it out until then.
With that said, we haven't given up on our Colts either.  It was another rough day with a loss to Tennessee to put them at 0-8 for the season, but we are still wearing our blue and white with pride and will do so for the entire season.

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