Sunday, May 13, 2012

1st Birthday Party

It was about this time of  night a year ago that things started changing.  The day was as normal as any that I had spent in the hospital.  An ultrasound showed that all four babies were doing great, all growing at a good rate.  I felt like I could keep going for at least 3 more weeks!  I was so excited that my friends, Anne and Sarah, had come for a visit, but as soon as they left, it started.  I was having back to back contractions, and was in a lot of pain.  Medicine was not making it any better.  And then, the dreaded Magnesium...I HATED that medicine.  I knew it was for the best, but never have I felt like my body was so on fire.  By morning, it was decided, by my doctors, that it was time.  So, May 14th, 2011, Oscar, Benjamin, Jaylyn and Harrison came into the world at 9:41, 9:42, 9:42 and 9:43.
I can't believe that these little babies, who spent the first few weeks of their lives with tubes, wires, alarms and sensors in their own little incubators, have grown so quickly and will turn 1 tomorrow.

We celebrated yesterday with a Dr. Seuss themed party at the Mulberry park...
I don't think Benjamin was feeling the best, so he wasn't really into his cake.
The other three LOVED it!

Oscar about to take another bite!

Benjamin is looking for someone to save him from the table.

Harrison kept getting so excited!

Jaylyn was the most fun to watch!  Look how intense she looks. 
She did more smearing than eating, but it was still entertaining.

So glad that our feeding grandmas could make it.
Elaine, Nancy, Vickie, Barb (pictured), Marlene, Betty and Bonnie
have been wonderful!

So many cute gifts!  Here they are in their new patio chairs from
our friends, the Ades'.

Don't Jaylyn and Harrison look cool in their new hats and shades from
Aunt Amy and Brianne!

Our wonderful friend, Brenda Thomas, made these adorable
smash cakes for the babies.
We are so thankful for all of our family and friends who came out to celebrate.  We are blessed beyond words!

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