Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hey Batter, Batter

 Last night was our first t-ball game.  Yes, I said OUR first t-ball game.  It was Lilya's first time playing in a game, and my first time as the assistant coach during a game.  Being the youngest on the team, she took up most of my time and energy.  After less than an inning and a half, I was exhausted and sort of glad that the rain started coming down hard enough to call the game.  The kids all did a GREAT job in that short amount of time...maybe God knew that we needed to be eased in to these games a little at a time. :)  I'm looking forward to our next game tomorrow evening.  (Thank you to my friend, Amy Perez, for coming and taking these wonderful pictures for us!)
Taking the field for the first time!
First time batting.
Listening to Mommy's advice
She almost got a "live pitch" hit, and then blasted it off of the tee!

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