Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Date with Daddy

While we have been crazy, busy trying to adjust to having four new little ones at home, we do realize that Lilya needs some attention too. She has been making that clear, as I said in my last post, with her actions during feeding time.

Saturday, when Tony got off work, he decided that it was time for her to have a date with Daddy. The two of them went to Barnes and Noble (that was hard for Mommy, since it is her favorite store) and McDonalds. Lilya came home with Where the Wild Things Are, a new stuffed puppy, a Tinkerbell watercolor paint book, and her favorite, a chicken nugget Happy Meal. She was as happy as could be!

I'm so thankful that my children have such an awesome daddy! He spends countless hours entertaining her even when he is exhausted from the rest of his day.

Now, we need to convince her that it is not ok to paint the walls with her new paints while the babies are being steps!

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