Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kindness of a Stranger

When we found out that we were expecting quadrupelets, I knew that it would be something that our little community was not used to. I was not surprised that both a television station and our local newspaper asked to do a story. While it is being heard of more and more these days with the use of fertility, it is still something that you don't hear about everyday.

I am not a shy person. I love to talk to others...share my stories and in turn, hear theirs. I have been inspired by so many people, and would like to think that I could do the same for others. I clearly remember the days when I thought that I would never have the chance to be a mother. I took comfort in reading the stories/blogs of other women who were in similar situations. I loved reading their success stories, and my heart aches for those that never found that success.

That leads me to the stranger who called my house yesterday. You see, The Frankfort Times ran a very nice article about our new additions in yesterday's paper. Before I had even had the chance to read the article, my phone rang. There was an older lady on the line who said she was looking for the lady that had the babies. She asked for our address and explained that she would like to send us a $100 check for the babies. She continued with her story: She was one of twelve children in her family. Her parents never had much money, and they struggled to raise all twelve. In fact, after we had talked a while, we realized that Tony's great-aunt had actually taken her in at the age of 7...she had had no idea of the connection before she called. She had eventually married, but she and her husband had never had any children of their own. I could hear the saddness in her voice as she told me this. Again, my heart hurt for her. I had known the feeling of not being able to have children, but I was lucky that in today's age, we are given many opportunities to change that. She, now 86 years old, did not have those same opportunities. She explained how she and her husband had been business owners, and they had but 4 of their friend's kids through college. What amazing people who must have cared so much for the well being of children, even if they couldn't have their own. She found our story to be amazing, and wanted to show us some support as well. What she doesn't realize, and I hope I get the chance to tell her, is that just our phone conversation was enough for me. I am inspired by her kindness, generosity, and love for all children!


E said...

Amazing and inspiring... she is a good role model for all of us. :)

Cathy Hall said...

How sweet....what a wonderful person she is :) Thanks for sharing that!