Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rocking with Nannie

I can only think of one thing better than being rocked by your grandma, and that is being rocked by your great-grandma.  I was very lucky to have known and been close to two of my great-grandmas.  Grandma Roberts, my mom's grandma, lived in Frankfort when I was growing up.  I remember going there, and talking with her as she rocked in her recliner in front of her big picture window.  Out of all of my grandmas, I only had one Mammaw.  That was Mammaw Hilda.  She was my dad's grandma.  What I remember most of Mammaw is her singing...probably because Nannie carried it on.  I sing those songs with my little ones.  In fact, Lilya often will ask me to sing the "yittle yam" song (that translates to little lamb).  When I am finished, she'll say, "How about kitty song."  I love singing these songs to (and now, with) her, but I love even more that Nannie is able to come and rock and sing those songs to my little ones.  What a wonderful memory to carry on throughout generations!

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