Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's that Smell???

So, yesterday, I was taking a load of baby laundry out of the washer to put into the dryer and I thought to myself, "Is my washer not working right?  These clothes still smell like puke!"  This is the last thing we need right now...a washer that can't even get the puke smell out of the baby clothes.  It only took me a few minutes, and I was relieved (yes, relieved) to realize that it wasn't the washed clothes that smelled like puke...It was ME.   I should have known.  Out of the four of our little ones, Benjamin is the only one that rarely spits up.  Harrison has an occasional feeding that is puke free, but I'm beginning to wonder how Oscar and Jaylyn are gaining any weight at all.  We are burping every ounce, and each time it seems like more is coming out than went in.  I swear we are using a washer load of burp rags and bibs each day.
What I don't understand is, why does the formula have to smell just as bad before they drink it as it does after they puke it back up?  The other day, Lilya took the lid off of an empty bottle and smelled it (don't ask me why...I guess she was just curious).  I couldn't help but laugh when she gagged and almost threw up herself from the smell.  Just a couple days ago,  I caught her hiding on the side of the couch, smelling an empty bottle and making herself gag.  She must be trying to build up her tollerance since it is a common smell in our house now!  I don't have to smell empty baby bottles to build my tollerance...It has become my new perfume.

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