Friday, July 29, 2011

God Gives Special Children to Special People

While I was going back to school to get my teaching degree, I had the wonderful opportunity to work at my old high school with the Moderate, Severe and Profound Special Needs kids.  I LOVED it.  I had never been around more innocent, caring teenagers in my life.  Sometimes, I wonder who learned more in my experiences there...them or me. I had thought about staying and teaching in that room, but that would have meant another two years of school.  I decided to look for an elementary position, so we could begin trying again to start our family.  I won't lie...the thought crossed my mind that because I enjoyed working with special needs children, maybe God would give me one of my own.  So, when I found out that we were expection quadruplets, it was something I thought about often.  My little Oscar has what is called SVT's.  It is an extra electical path in his heart that causes his heart to beat twice as fast as it should at times.  His heart is healthy otherwise, and he and the others have no other health problems.  The doctor even expects that he will outgrow the condition before he is a year old.  I feel like God took a little extra time on Oscar to make him special, to get him a little extra attention in the beginning.  Because I know that God doesn't make mistakes, I feel that way about all children who have some sort of special need.  They are not flawed, they are special.  God took extra time to make them different from others.  He then places them with extra special people. Today's technology makes it so easy to follow stories of families with special needs children.  I  think this is why I am humbled when people comment on what a good mom I am.  I have six children (including my step-son, Kaleb), and all of them are healthy.  I have been inspired by, and have learned so much from some very special moms.  I hope they will continue to share their stories!

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